Top 5 Gear S2 and S3 apps

So you are the proud owner of a Smartwatch Samsung Gear S2 or a Gear S2 and you want to get the maximum result from this watch. You can do this by getting the right apps. And maybe you already have some nice basic apps but you wonder: “What else can I do on my brand new S2 / S3 Watch?”. In this video there is a quick overview of the Top 5 apps for your Samsung Gear S2 / Samsung Gear S3. All the apps shown in the video can be downloaded from the Samsung Galaxy App Store.


In the video you can see the following great S2 and S3 apps: a reminder app, changing the look of the phone with Facer, a great music App named Spotify, Always on Speed (demo) and the Alti Barometer App. So which one is the number one S2app according to this video?

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