How To Connect Internet From Mobile To PC Using Data Cable

Connect the Internet From Android Device To PC Using Data Cable :- awsome Basically this method is Called USB Tethering this awesome way if you won’t is able to connect the internet through wifi hotspot from your android device then you can use USB Tethering this is the best method this will definitely gonna word on your PC Laptop. Simply if you have Laptop or PC and you have the option to connect to wifi and you want to use the Internet on your PC or Laptop. then use this method USB Tethering this will help you-you to connect the Internet from your Personal Data from your Android device. Our team will help you to do that so that you can use the Internet easily on your Laptop or PC so let’s get started by using some alternative method to connect the Internet without Wifi Hotspot connection.

How To Connect Internet From Mobile To PC Using Data Cable – USB Tethering

At First, We Will like to describe you about what is USB Tethering? the our Answer in two word is to connect internet let me describe you about this more so that you can easily understand using this way you can connect your internet through data cable this is story and easiest way to connect it and fastest method to do as compare to Wifi Hotspot so this is it now we will tell you the way so that you can Connect the Internet From Android Device To PC Using Data Cable using USB Tethering Method. if your device facing virus error then use How To Remove Shortcut Virus and for laptop device remove shortcut virus from computer windows.

1 Connect your USB Cable from your device to your Laptop or PC


2 Then you have to Go to your Mobile or Android device setting And then you have to go on connection


3 Ater that you have to click on Mobile Hotspot And Tethering


4 Then you have to click on USB Tethering Click on that option to enable


5 After that check you PC and then it will ask your permission and click on yes to connect


6 Then your PC has been connected to your Android device and Now you can use internet in your Laptop or in PC.

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So this is it thhow you can connect your Android device to your Laptop or your PC for using internet connection Using Data cable having simple and quite method USB tethering in your android device. No, any other app you have to download to connect your Mobile internet with your PC and laptop this is best and fastest method to connect mobile internet to your PC and Laptop. free FoxFi full version Key apk crack any wifi network for free.

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Wrapping Content

Try this For once on your android device in and then comment me its working or not if it is not conneting then Our team will definatly help you out where you get problem while connecting mobile internet to your PC and Laptop. Well thanks for reading this full article we love to give you more info you to help keep visiting us to get more updates about Tech and also we are proving you info about latest app and game for iOS and android .

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