How To Connect Samsung Gear To Any Samsung Android Device

How To Connect Samsung Gear To Any Samsung Android Device: – this is a very common issue that people buy a Samsung gear but they don’t know that that how to connect Gear To Android device even those users they don’t have Samsung device that also buys Gear and the don’t know how to connect but they want to connect so today I will tell you the Best way to connect gear to Samsung Android Device” this is full proof method that how you can connect this app in your android device and make you device Pair with gear. and use it like you connect with Samsung so today wi will tell you all and short and easy methods that how to connect Gear with any device this is not a bit complicated to way to connect this is so easy and easy way to connect and make your device pair with any android device Samsung Gear but you have to make sure that you have android device only then you can connect in another way the actual name of  Samsung gear watch is Samsung smartwatch these are both same things you call anything whatever you want so now lets get started but before you should know that how many devices connect with Samsung Gear and which device connect with Samsung Gear Watch so scroll Down to read more.

How Many And Which Device/Model Connect With Samsung Gear

So I will tell you the actual thing that you can connect only one device with “Samsung Smartwatch” if someone tells you he can connect one more device that its completely face and it snot possible so you can connect only one device withSamsung Gear Watchso it’s time to tell you that which Device / Model You can Connect With Samsung Gear so this is the list you can check it out that which is your device.

Connect Samsung Gear To Any Samsung Android Device
  • Samsung gear smartwatch
  • Samsung watch gear S
  • Samsung watch phone
  • galaxy gear s2
  • galaxy gear 2
  • galaxy gear S
  • galaxy gear
  • gear s2
  • gear S
  • gear 2
  • s gear

So these are the gears you can connect with your Android device and also Pair Samsung Smatch Watch Gearsin very simple Way and quick method and it’s easier if you have Samsung device so always try to but these models of “Samsung Gears“.

How To Connect / Pair Samsung Gear with Android Device

So it’s time to tell you that how can you connect your android device with your gear and all the other devices like Samsung gear 2 smartwatch this is too common question have to how can I connect but really I have also get some difficulty when I try to connect my Samsung galaxy gear s2  then suddenly I read manual and then try it to again connect my gear to my to my device but as you know i am blogger then try to make you know that how can you connect this Stuff to your android device so lets get started that how can you connect your Samsung Geat to your android device follow the steps as I tell you in description in this page read it carefully and try it on your own device but at first you must have to Download Samsung gear app.

Samsung Gears
  • First, you have to Switch on your Gear and make sure that it should be charged
  • Then now go to your menu and open “Samsung gear app” and open it to your device
  • After open, this app click on “connect Gear”
  • then it start scanning and then it will display your device name and click it pair
  • After that, Your Device has been connected to your Gear

So this is the short and fines methods that how can you connect your device to your Gear and use it and if you want to know more that how can connect some app like WhatsApp, facebook, Gmail” and all then I will also tell you this rad it carefully.

How to Connect App To Samsung Gear

so this is not the difficult task to do that if you want to add some app in your gear then what will you do I will tell you all the steps that “how to connect App to Samsung gearso follow the steps to connect all the apps in your Samsung gear.

  • if your device is paired then it will show you all the app and must like which you want to add select it
  • Click on those apps which you ant to use it in your “Samsung Gear”
  • then click on ok and also you can choose theme color of you “Samsung Dear Display”
  • After that check, you gear that all the app which you added it added or not
  • then you can finally use those apps which you choose in your android device

So this is it and the very simple way that how to connect app to Samsung Gear try it for yourself and if it not connected then comment me I will definitely tell you some alternative method to using those apps which are not gear connected in you gear device Download Samsung gear app.

Samsung gear
  • How to Connect Samsung Gear to android device


Download Samsung gear app and How To Connect Samsung Gear To Any Samsung Android Device and I will also tell you how to connect app to your great with you android device

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